Leadership Development

360° feedback + leadership development in core, EQ savvy, leadership competencies: Engagement, Talent Development, and Collaborative Practice

Working as a team, being a leader.

Leadership Development Benefits the Leaders, Their Employees, and The Organization.

Good leadership enhances employee engagement, performance, development, and retention. If these are all aligned with vison, strategy, and values, your company will have a competitive advantage through people. Advanture can help you with LD strategy, training methodology, program design and facilitation, LD metrics, and anchoring core leadership competencies in organizational culture. Training, coaching, consulting, and 360° feedback.

Practice Areas

LD Offerings

  • Sustainable leadership development solutions with measurable results
  • 360° Feedback as part of an authentic coaching process, using the incredible tools from MRG.com
  • Turnkey and customized LD programs in several core leadership practices:
  1. Building and Managing Talent; Performance Management; Developing Future Leaders
  2. Employee Engagement and Retention; Delegation and Empowerment; Goals and Metrics
  3. Team Leadership and Collaborative Practice
  4. Managing Culture and Sustaining Initiatives
  • Well-rounded learning experiences combining best practices with experiential and action learning
  • Highly practical, hands-on programs that combine professional, leadership, and EQ development
  • We build competence, not just competencies  
Do It Right

LD Methodology

  • Measurable Results: Advanture builds competence, not just competencies
  • Customized: We align our programs with your vision, strategy, and values
  • Real Life: Participants work on their own business challenges and opportunities 
  • Cascading: Instructions for cascading to the participants’ employees are built into the workshop
  • Multi-Format: We maximize transfer of training by having participants take new competencies and tools for a spin in the workshops and at work, to learn from doing, and giving them the coaching support they need to ensure lessons are learned, execution is effective, and real results are generated
  • Whole-Person Learning: heads, hearts, and hands; PD, LD and EQ development 
  • Leading edge andragogy: experiential, cognitive, constructivist & emergent, embedded, narrative, and action learning
Measurable Results

Unique Metrics Methodology

  • Leadership development, done well, is so powerful that it generates dozens of benefits
  • We teach your leaders how to measure their own progress and employee progress
  • Our programs comes with a list of concrete metrics our clients can use to measure program success
  • Layers of positive outcomes you can measures:
  1. Are participants implementing these new practices more skillfully?
  2. Did participants achieve the goals they set for themselves in the program? 
  3. What impact are these new practices having—on individual, team and organizational performance? 
  4. Classic LD outcomes: employee engagement, performance, development, and retention
  • An improvement in any 1 or 2 of these areas usually more than justify the investment in the entire program
Making It Stick

Sustainable Solutions

  • The best training program in the world won’t make a dent unless it’s supported by the organization 
  • It is not enough to teach coaching; you must also build a culture of coaching
  • In every program we teach your leaders how to sustain their own improvements
  • We also teach them how to sustain strategic initiatives, nurture employee attitudes and behaviour, and embed core values and core competencies in team culture
  • To add more value we make available to your internal LD and OD teams a list of practices the organization can use to support leadership development, support LD participants, and embed new competencies in organizational culture