Culture Management and Culture-Shift: Aligning culture with strategy, using culture to drive business performance, fixing toxic culture, and revitalizing stale core values

Working as a team, being a leader.

Culture is not just "the way things get done.” It's the way your organization supports your strategy and employees.

Is the prevailing attitude of your employees helping or hurting your business? Culture-care is at the heart of organizational performance, agility, and resilience. If you don’t proactively design your culture to help your business win, you will end up with a culture you don’t want and that holds you back. A good strategy is nothing if your employees are not ready, willing, and able to execute it. We understand the different between tweaks, change, and transformation, and help you get the right solution.


Opportunities for culture improvement

Advanture helps clients with six classic culture-shift opportunities:

  • Aligning your culture with strategy
  • Fixing a dysfunctional culture
  • Breathing new life into old, stale core values  
  • Continuous culture improvement
  • Reinforce and sustain major strategic initiatives and change projects
  • Post merger integration management: one team, one culture, high performance

Unique: We can teach your leaders how to anchor strategy and core values in team culture, e.g., build a culture of strategic focus, customer focus, innovation, teamwork, etc., on their teams.


Always on the table

There are many complex, technical methods of analyzing organizational culture. Nevertheless, underneath it all are important business issues that leaders should be able to discuss in everyday business language, e.g.,

  • What do we stand for? 
  • What are our highest aspirations?
  • How do we want to work together?
  • How do we want our employees to represent us?
  • How do we want our leaders to treat our employees?
  • Why would really talented people want to work really hard for us?

The risk of not discussing these questions is ending up with a culture you don’t want and that holds you back. 


Our competitive advantage

  • Managing culture is not just about manipulating OD levers behind the scenes but also helping leaders in your organization care about culture, talk about it intelligently, and manage the culture on their own teams. Human design for your organization’s leaders.
  • Our unique metrics methodology makes it easier for our clients to measure cultural improvement in both qualitative and quantitative terms — both of which are necessary in culture-shift projects. We help our clients identify what to measure and how to measure it, and we guarantee measurable results from our culture-shift projects.
  • Just as self-care is at the heart of individual performance and resilience, so is culture-care at the heart of organizational performance, resilience, and sustainable success.

Culture and the Bottom-line

We have known for decades that culture makes a massive difference. In the landmark study Corporate Culture and Performance (1992), Kotter and Heskett reported that over an eleven-year period companies that managed their cultures well saw: 

  • revenue increases of 682% versus 166%
  • stock price increases of 901% versus 74%
  • net income increases of 756% versus 1% 

Of course, we see the same results in today's studies. The fact that we have known this for decades makes poor results a kind of negligence. Even today many companies suffer the costs of poorly designed cultures, including high absenteeism and turnover; low employee engagement and performance; poor communication and teamwork; low trust, respect, integrity, and loyalty; toxic behavior...all of which are extremely costly and usually crippling.